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Horse for sale- Scotch on Impulse by horsegirl121
Horse for sale- Scotch on Impulse
Here I have a red dun filly for sale. Keep in mind that it is the horses design that's for sale, not the lineart or reference template. To adopt this horse, you need to draw her and include a story with the drawing. It  doesn't have to be a long one but there needs to be a story. I will pick from there. 

Scotch on Impulse
Nickname: Sky
Age: 3 years
Height: ~ 15.1 hh when mature
Gender: Female
Breed: American Paint Horse
Color: Red dun overo
Eye Color:
Markings: Bald Face, 2 Stockings
Parentage: Hot Scotch Te Go* x One Impulsive Cookie*

Discipline: Well suited for barrel racing, but up to owner
Extra Training: Up to owner
Personality (used this… : Sky is an energybomb. She hates having to go slow so she isn't recommended for inexperienced riders. It doesn't take a lot to make this girl sweat and she sometimes gets soaked. She is great when she's haveing a bath, never moving unless you ask her to . Sky is very afraid of anything with flashy and bright colors, especially bright green or yellow. When she's out at pasture, she is always playing with other horses. SKy is very easy to bridle and lowers her head when you bring one towards her. She loves to eat bananas and expects them when she has done good. 
Quote that suits her: "  I couldn't repair your brakes so I made your horn louder." - Author Unknown

Anything involving breeding is up to new owner.


Lines and template: BlossomHillStables
Personality randomizer: Danesippi 
Horse design: Me
RHS Boot Scootin Frenchie by horsegirl121
RHS Boot Scootin Frenchie
Name: RHS Boot Scootin Frenchie
Nickname: Penny
Age: 2 years
Height: Will be ~15.3 hh
Gender: Female
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Color: Palomino
Genotype: Ee/Aa/nCr
Eye Color: Amber
Markings: Star, Snip, 3 socks
Parentage: Frenchmans Boogie* x KickOffUrBoots

Discipline: Barrel Racing
Extra Training: Reining, Halter
Personality (used… : Penny is a very intelligent young mare. If you don't lock her stall door or paddock gate good, she will escape and run to any place nearby with food. She will try to eat grass all the time, no matter what you are doing. Penny absolutely loves water and if she spots a puddle while in the pasture, she's off to stomp around and play in it. Penny is super afraid of quick movements. If you move quickly around her, she will run away from you and not let you touch her. She is very protective of younger horses and the people that handle her the most. While in the pasture, if someone approaches Penny she will run from them making a game of tag( she is very playful). Carrots are the bomb and she will search pockets for them. 
Quote that somehow fits her: " He knows when you're happy, he knows when you're comfortable, he knows when you're confident, and he knows when you have carrots."- Author Unknown

Stud/Lease: No, reservations are available
Breeding requirements: Stock horses and Thoroughbreds only.
Passable traits: 65% Cream gene, 95% Personality
Breeding fee: Full body breeding pic.

Breeding Reservations: 
Bullet; Green -
Bullet; Purple -Me
Bullet; Yellow -Me
Bullet; Pink -Me
Bullet; Blue -
Bullet; Black -
Bullet; Orange -
Bullet; White -
Bullet; Green -
Bullet; Purple- 



Owner: Rose Hill Stables
Trainer: Vince Harvec
Breeder: Rose Hill Stables
Rider/Handler: Sarah Gourden 

Reference Template & Lines: BlossomHillStables
Personality Randomizer: Danesippi
Horse Design: Me
RHS IveBeenSplashed- Breeding Stallion by horsegirl121
RHS IveBeenSplashed- Breeding Stallion
                       **This stud is available for a limited number of 5 breedings this year. Get them while you can!**

RHS IveBeenSplashed
Nickname: Ivan, Splishy
Age: 4 years
Height: 15.0 hh
Gender: Male
Breed: American Paint Horse
Color: Sorrel Splashed White
Genotype: ee/AA/SplSpl
Eye Color: Blue
Markings: Wide Blaze
Parentage: Starter x Starter

Discipline: Western Pleasure
Extra Training: Halter, Hunter Under Saddle
Personality (used this…: Ivan always goes by his instincts to protect himself and his rider. He is very loyal to his owner and rider(s), doing anything to make sure no harm comes to them. Watch out when you stand in front of him or you may get sneezed on. His water bucket in the stall needs cleaned out frequently  because of his habit of dipping hay in water before eating it. He is scared of big dogs with loud barks and normally freaks out when he sees one. You rarely see him around other horses because he's always liked people better for some reason. This boy is easy to bridle and loves bananas dunked in beer. 
Quote that somehow suits him: " Give a horse what he needs and he'll give you his heart in return"- Author Unknown

Stud/Lease: Stud
Breeding Restrictions: Stock horse, Thoroughbred, or Morgan mares only.
Passable Traits: 90% build, 45% color
Breeding Fee: Please note or leave comment for details, explanations, and questions.

Reserved Breeding Slots: 
Bullet; Blue -
Bullet; Yellow -
Bullet; Green -
Bullet; Pink -
Animated Color Bullets -



Owner: Rose Hill Stables
Trainer: Linda Pinkette
Breeder: Rose Hill Stables
Rider/Handler: Jacob VanBrunsen 

Reference template & lineart: BlossomHillStables
Horse design: Me
Horse personality randomizer: Danesippi
Major Intensity by horsegirl121
Major Intensity
Name: Major Intensity
Nickname: Major
Age: 9 years
Height: 15. hh
Gender: Male
Breed: Appaloosa
Color: Liver Chestnut Leapord
Genotype: Ee/aa/??
Eye color: Dark Brown
Markings: None
Parentage: DreamBoat x Jokers Mistress

Discipline: Reining
Extra Training: Pole Bending, Barrel Racing
Personality(used this randomizer Major is an Einstein; he can pick things up with extreme ease and won't forget it. He is extremely ticklish, so watch out when tightening the girth or you may get kicked. Major has a good understanding of personal space but may occasionally test you. He is deathly afraid of blankets so he can't be clipped in the colder months. In the pasture, he is the lonesome type, always standing by himself enjoying his own company. He leads like a dream, never going were you don't want him to go and always watching your feet so he won't step on them and his favorite treat is Oreo cookies. 
Quote that somehow fits him: "Grow old along with me the best is yet to be"-Roberty Browning

Stud/Lease: Stud
Breeding Restrictions: Stock type mares only.
Passable Traits: 49% color, 30% Height
Breeding Fee: 2Points  or full body breeding pic.



Owner: Rose Hill Stables
Trainer: Jaxson Sands
Breeder: Unknown
Rider/Handle: Jayden Rose

Reference template and lineart: BlossomHillStables
Horse Design: me
Hey Bartender by horsegirl121
Hey Bartender
Name: Hey Bartender
Nickname: Bart
Age: 4 years
Heihgt: 15.3hh
Gender : Male (Gelding) 
Breed: American Paint Horse
Color: Black Tovero
Genotype: EE/AA/tT/nO
Eye Color: Blue
Markings: None
Parentage: Starter x Starter

Discipline: Halter
Extra Training: Barrel Racing 
Build: Bart has a pretty head, straight legs, and a muscular body.
Train-ability: He can be a little difficult to train, depending on what you are trying to teach him.
Personality: Bart is a straight forward risk taker, willing to take on any task before him. He can be silly and play a lot, but when it comes to work, he's all business.
Quirks: Needs to be lunged before being ridden.  Loves cats.
Fears: Ringing cellphones and spurs.
Herd Mentality: He loves to play with horses shorter than him and foals. 
Horse vs. Owner/Rider/Handler: Easy to bridle.
Favorite Treat: Pickles
Quote that Suits Him: " There is is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse" - Robert Smith Surtees

Stud/Lease: No, Gelded
Breeding Restrictions: Paint, Quarter , Thoroughbred, or Appaloosa mares only
Are Breedings Open?: No, would have straws saved but he was gelded before he was weaned. 
Passable Traits:
40% Height



Owner: Rose Hill Stables
Trainer: River Melbourne
Breeder: Rose Hill Stables
Rider/Handler: River Melbourne

Reference template and lineart: :devBlossumHillStables:
Horse design: me
Personality-Quote: Danesippi
Hi guys! I was just thinking how cool it would be to create a group called Stock Horse Owners. I want to do it, but I would like a partner or two to help me run the place. And now for a little information about this group:

I would like this group to be just for stock type horses (EX. Paints, Quarter horses, Appaloosas, and other breeds with stock horse conformation) that are trained in western and english disciplines. This is also a place where you can advertise horses available for breeding and sale. Competitions may possibly be held.
Together, the admins will make decisions about the best interest of the group in mind.   If you have any questions or are interested, just send me a note. 

Thanks! :wave: 


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